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How Can Cyclists Protect Themselves from Angry Drivers?

You have probably experienced road rage if you regularly cycle around San Diego. Some motorists believe that cyclists and cars should not share the road. Angry motorists may honk loudly, speed, improperly change lanes, ignore traffic signs or even intentionally swerve into the path of cyclists. Road rage can lead to confrontations that can endanger the lives of cyclists, pedestrians or other motorists. Four Bicycle Safety Tips to Prevent a Road Rage Accident There are right and wrong ways to react to an angry driver. You may use the following tips to protect yourself if you are harassed by an angry motorist. Don’t engage an angry motorist. You may have heard the old proverb “discretion is the better part of valor.” This is especially true when you are being harassed by an angry driver. Instead of reacting and aggravating the situation, you could ignore this person. If you do engage…
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How Bicycle Safety Advocates Use Ghost Bikes to Memorialize Fallen Cyclists

You may have seen white bicycles attached to street signs, trees, fences or outside of businesses while traveling about Southern California. These “ghost bikes” are placed to let you and others know that a cyclist died at that location. Like tombstones, ghost bikes may also be adorned with flowers, candles, personal photos and other objects left by family and friends. In 2003, a bike mechanic created the first ghost bike after witnessing a fatal bicycle accident in St. Louis, Missouri. After the accident, he painted a bicycle white and placed it where the cyclist had died. The idea has spread to dozens of US cities and foreign countries. Thousands of ghost bike memorials have been placed around the world. Ghost Bikes, an organization that places these bicycles, has chapters in Southern California. Many members of Ghost Bikes have lost loved ones and friends to bicycle accidents. In recent articles published by…
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Five Tips for Increasing Cycling Visibility in Southern California

Some bicycle accidents occur when motorists fail to spot cyclists in time to avoid collisions. Motorists may not be scanning the road for cyclists, so it is important to adopt methods that can help you stand out. Visibility is paramount to your safety as a cyclist. Our five tips could help you decrease the odds of being involved in a collision with a vehicle. Wear bright clothing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fluorescent clothing can make you visible to motorists from further away during the daytime. Fluorescent clothing is even more useful when used on moving parts of the body, such as the legs. Bright retroreflective clothing could improve your visibility at night. Use reflective tape. You could attach reflective tape to your clothing, helmet or bicycle. Reflective tape can bounce light off oncoming vehicles. This is a good tip if your clothing does not already…
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