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What to Do After a “Right Hook” Bicycle Accident

One of the most common types of bicycle accident is the “right hook” bicycle accident. “Right hook” bicycle accidents occur when a vehicle takes a right turn and cuts off a bicyclist. There are, generally, three ways that this occurs: A vehicle is waiting at a red light when a cyclist stops on the right. When the light turns green, the driver of the vehicle takes a right, running into the cyclist. To make yourself less likely to be involved in this kind of accident, avoid the vehicle’s blind spots. Stop slightly ahead of the vehicle or directly behind it. Do not try to get ahead of the vehicle when the light turns green. A driver is traveling faster than the cyclist and passes him or her. The driver then suddenly turns right across the cyclist’s path, causing the cyclist to crash into the side of the vehicle. To avoid…
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San Diego Bicycle Master Plan Vote Delayed

San Diego’s Bicycle Master Plan, an initiative to expand the city’s network of bike lanes to make cycling safer, faster and more efficient, was passed in 2013, but has recently come across a snag in its implementation. The San Diego City Council was scheduled to vote to speed up the plan’s implementation, but that vote has since been delayed. According to bicycle advocates, the plan may not be strong enough to accomplish the City Council’s goals. The Bicycle Master Plan The Bicycle Master Plan is a part of the city’s Climate Action Plan, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in San Diego, the majority of which are produced from cars and trucks. To accomplish this reduction in emissions, the city must heavily focus on changing commuting habits. It is hoped, under the plan, that by 2020, 6 percent of San Diegans living near major public transit stops will be…
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