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Questions and Answers About Food While Riding

What are the best foods to eat while cycling to keep your energy up? How often should you eat while cycling? Here are some common questions and answers regarding diet and cycling and how to keep your energy up during a long ride. Q: How long can I cycle without needing to eat? A: If you have eaten prior to riding, you should not need to refuel if your ride is under an hour long. After an hour has passed, you will want to consume small amounts of high GI carbohydrates, which help keep your blood glucose up and your muscles fueled. Aim for between 30 and 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour. Sports drinks, carbohydrate energy gels, jellied sweets, bananas and low fiber cereal or carbohydrate bars are all excellent providers of these essential carbohydrates. Q: How can I eat without feeling too full to ride? A: You will…
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What’s Stopping a Dockless Bike Sharing Program in San Diego?

Have you ever wished you could summon a bicycle with your smartphone, take it where you need to go, then leave it wherever you wish? Dockless bikes, which have locking rear wheels to use when the bikes are no longer needed, are rapidly becoming popular throughout California. Imperial Beach, National City, Coronado and many college campuses already have networks of dockless bikes. But will the trend reach San Diego, the largest market in the region? If so, it could be a while. The city has an exclusive deal with docked bike sharing provider DecoBike which could prevent any other companies from providing similar services. San Diego is the only city in the region where this potential conflict arises. Dockless bike companies believe that there is enough of a difference between docked bike sharing and dockless bike sharing that the exclusive contract does not preclude the implementation of dockless bike sharing. Allowing dockless bike sharing could be the key to bolstering bicycle ridership in San…
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Proper Braking Techniques for San Diego Cyclists

Braking is one of the most essential skills for a cyclist to master, but even if you have been riding since you were a kid, you may not know everything there is to know about safe, effective and proper braking. When you apply the brake, push your body weight backwards. When you brake, your body naturally shifts forward toward the front wheel, meaning that the majority of your braking power goes to the front brake. By leaning back, you even out your braking power, making it easier to control your bike and brake effectively. This is especially useful if you must brake from high speed; it helps prevent flying over your handlebars. To practice this technique, you can do emergency stops in a parking lot or a grass field. Avoid braking while turning. Ideally, you want to slow down, get low and take your turns smoothly, but if you absolutely…
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