What Are the Health Benefits of Riding a Bike?

iStock_000020151647_LargeThere are a great many benefits to riding a bike, including financial and environmental benefits. One of the best things about cycling is that it’s a fun way to improve your health. There are so many health benefits of riding a bike, but we want to share a few of the best ones.

Health Benefits of Riding a Bike

  • Cardio health – Riding a bike is a great source of cardio, which promotes a strong heart. A study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that people who ride their bikes daily are 31 percent less likely to have high blood pressure and other heart-related issues.
  • Mental health – Cycling, like most other exercises, has been proven to promote mental acuity, and can even fight off brain disease like Alzheimer’s. Cycling is also good for controlling symptoms of disorders like ADD in children.
  • Weight loss – Losing weight is a well-known benefit of exercising on your bike. If you break a sweat riding your bike every day then you will be shedding fat, and losing weight. Pair daily cycling with a healthy diet, and you might be surprised at what you see in the mirror every morning.
  • Longevity – Want to live longer? Start cycling! On average, the general population lives to be approximately 73, but former Tour de France riders lived to be an average of 82. You could be looking at nine more years by switching from a car to a bike.
  • Self-Esteem – What you think about yourself is just as important to your health as any other factor. After you get over the initial shock from adapting to cycling every day, you will find that you feel better about yourself after a good ride. Smiling is a general side effect of cycling.

These are just some of the some of the many benefits you could be seeing if you started riding your bike more often. In addition to the numerous health reasons to start cycling, you could save thousands of dollars and promote environmental health.

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