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San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer Gives Top Facts and Advice for Cycling Safety

Photo of a bicycle raceAll cyclists, whether they are experts with years of experience or novices just getting started, should know the basics about bike safety, bicycle maintenance and repair. San Diego bicycle accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici offers this useful information about bikes as a courtesy to all those who love to cycle in San Diego, California and all over the United States. The more you know about proper bicycle maintenance, bike law and other tips to stay safe while cycling, the more proactive you are being to preventing your involvement in a cycling accident.

However, sometimes your involvement in a bike crash is out of your control. Our attorney offers experienced legal help to cyclists and can help determine who or what is at fault for the crash. We know cycling, the law and how best to represent cyclists hurt while riding.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer on What California Cyclists Need to Know

Please read the information on the pages below to find out what you will need to have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience, including tips on how to take care of your bicycle, advice on the necessary equipment, cycle gear and information about the different types of bicycles.

Read through our site to get important tips about repairing your bike and its parts, including bicycle inner tube and brake repair. We also provide information about cycling etiquette, including using turn signals, riding in groups and how to cycle for fitness.

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If you have any questions about bike safety, maintenance or repair, feel free to contact our law office for information or for a step in the right direction. Keep pedaling!