Bicycle Safety Guidelines Every Cyclist Should Know

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Provides Bike Safety Tips

Recreational bike riders and cycling enthusiasts in and around San Diego can stay informed on all facets of bicycle safety on our San Diego Bike Safety Portal. This free website is packed full of relevant and practical information geared toward cyclists of all skill levels. Expect helpful features on an array of topics that can impact those riding in Southern California. Popular topics include bike safety, California bicycle laws, essential bike riding skills and local insight on biking in San Diego.

What to Know About Bicycle Safety in San Diego

Cycling is a fast-paced activity that is fun, mentally liberating and environmentally friendly. It is a great way to exercise, build strength and improve cardiovascular cycling fitness. For most people, biking in San Diego is a relatively safe activity.

Unfortunately, in California, hundreds of thousands of bike riders are still injured each year due to bicycle accidents with cars, trucks and other cyclists. Defective bike parts and unmaintained or poorly designed roads also contribute to a significant number of cycling crashes. Some of these accidents result in bicycle fatalities.

Important Bicycle Safety Tips for Every Cyclist

Reduce your chances of involvement in a bike accident by educating yourself and your loved ones about safe biking in San Diego. Here are a few important ways to make your cycling safer:

  • Always wear a helmet. Many people would not think of driving a vehicle without “buckling up.” The biking equivalent of buckling your seatbelt is to always wear a safety helmet to protect yourself from brain injury. While California bicycle helmet laws require helmet use only for minors, cyclists of any age run the risk of serious injuries when riding without protective head gear.
  • Use your intuition and common sense when riding. You should do everything you possibly can to make yourself visible to motorists. However, you should always ride your bicycle with the assumption that drivers cannot see you. You might also consider joining a local San Diego bike club, since groups are more visible than individual cyclists.
  • There are many bicycle types, and you should ride a bicycle that is right for you. A bike that is customized to fit your needs makes riding more comfortable. Furthermore, having the correct bicycle type will actually give you more control in the event of an emergency.
  • After a bike crash, DO NOT speak to an insurance adjuster before getting legal advice. If you are involved in a bike accident, our personal injury attorney cautions that insurance companies may not provide fair coverage of the damages caused to you or your bike. Most insurance adjusters do not understand bicycle worth, repair expenses or replacement costs. Never accept a settlement that does not adequately compensate you for the true costs of your bicycle injuries or damages. A San Diego bicycle accident attorney can advise you on how to handle the insurance company after a bike accident.

What is the Best Tip for Bike Safety?

The best advice for bike safety is to make sure you are aware of the “rules of the road” of the city in which you are biking. Researching the bike laws before you ride means there will be no confusion on whether you can or cannot do something legally while out on the road. For example, some areas allow cycling on sidewalks while others do not. Others allow cyclists to yield at stop signs, if safe, while most areas require bikes to completely stop at stop signs.

In California, state bike laws give bicyclists most of the same responsibilities as any motorist on the road. This holds true whether your biking in San Diego takes you to Bakersfield, Las Flores, San Marcos or across many counties. However, some cities may have tighter restrictions than others, especially concerning where you may ride. Therefore, you should always look up local bike laws and ordinances before leaving for a trip.

More Questions on Bike Safety? Contact a San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney

San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici, sponsor of this website, is an avid cyclist. He routinely commutes to his office on a bike and enjoys cycling for both exercise and recreation. He also supports medical research through cycling fundraisers. His objective is to reinforce and enhance your cycling knowledge, skills and experience by providing the resources on this website. Below, you can find bicycle safety tips for riding in San Diego or wherever your cycling may take you.

If you are in a cycling accident or suffer bicycle injuries due to an inattentive motorist, you have rights. In fact, you may have rights you are not aware of after a San Diego bicycle accident. Use our San Diego Bicycle Safety Portal to get the latest information on California bicycle laws, bike maintenance tips and other useful tidbits that are sure to expand your awareness and appreciation for bicycle safety in California and anywhere else you ride. For personalized legal help, call San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici for free advice and assistance during a bicycle accident claim review.