What are the Most Popular Bicycle Types for San Diego Cycling?

Whether you buying a bike for getting exercise, participating in competitive racing or touring the visual splendors offered through San Diego biking, this website will help you understand the basic differences and features between the different bikes on the market. Whatever your objectives are, select a bike that is fun, comfortable and conducive to your bike safety skills. Below is a brief description of four of the most popular bicycle types on the market: road, mountain, touring and hybrid.

Road (Racing) Bikes

Built from lightweight material and designed for speed, road bikes have skinny tires, which travel over a smooth surface very quickly. The handle bars are usually curved, which gives you more hand positions. Road racing bikes are short on comfort and are not conducive to hauling loads. Road bikes are available in two types: racing and performance or casual riding and pleasure. The casual model bike has more gears to facilitate climbing steep hills.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are the ones you see with wide handlebars and plump tires, which makes them steady and designed for traction, especially over rough terrain. These bikes, with up to 27 speeds available, make climbing steep hills easier. You can buy a mountain bike with or without rear suspension. Suspension makes traveling on extremely rough terrain smoother and more comfortable. When deciding on a bike for use in San Diego, keep in mind that mountain bikes are not the best bikes for riding on good roads, especially when traveling over a long distance.

Touring Bikes

At first glance, touring bikes may appear to be racing bikes; however, there are some major differences. Touring bikes are made of flexible materials. The robust and stronger design is ideal for carrying loads. Longer heavy-duty wheelbases make them more comfortable for longer rides. The bike is also resistant to flat tires. Cyclists are able to sit in an upright position, which significantly reduces back strain. If you like riding in groups and taking in the local scenery, this bike is an ideal choice.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes have the appearance of mountain bikes. Hybrids, often used for touring, are not as fast as a touring bike. The hybrid’s design enables you to ride upright. Like the mountain bike, you can use the hybrid bikes for riding on rough terrain, but they are not only for extremely bumpy surfaces. For casual San Diego cycling, the combination of speed, stability and smoothness offered by hybrid bikes may be attractive to casual bikers.

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