Bike Safety Tips and Laws for Riding Motorized Bicycles in California

San Diego Bike Accident Lawyer Promoting Bicycle Safety for All Cyclists and Bike Types

San Diego bike accident lawyer and cyclist, Joshua Bonnici, believes in promoting bike safety throughout Southern California. While he enjoys riding his hybrid bike, he knows many cyclists enjoy other types of bikes. Many use motorized bikes for commuting, leisure and enjoy the freedom of faster travel over further distances. Unfortunately, the faster speeds and the exposed nature of traveling by motorized bike can make riders more susceptible to serious bike injuries.

Our San Diego bicycle accident attorney offers this information and some helpful bike safety tips for motorized bike riders about different types of motorized bikes, required maintenance and California bike laws for motorized bikes with hopes of seeing the number of Southern California bike accidents reduced in the future.

Types of Motorized Bikes Provide Different Cycling Benefits and Potential Dangers

Motorized bikes utilize a wide variety of engines to propel the rider forward: two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline internal combustion engines, diesel, electric and even steam engines. Some motorized bikes allow riders to use the pedals with assistance from the engine for long trips or uphill travel, while others are self-propelled with pedals intended for use only when starting the bicycle or during an instance of engine failure. Some enthusiasts even create their own motorized bicycles by attaching engines to the frames of their bikes.

Motorized bikes do not typically require a lot of maintenance. Many motorized bike riders argue that these bicycles are safer than motorcycles. If you are fuel or wallet conscious, motorized bicycles do not consume large amounts of fuel, which means the rider can save on fuel costs.

Our San Diego bicycle accident attorney is a fan of safe cycling in any form or on type of bicycle. Motorized bicycles can be an exciting transportation option for those looking to enjoy the open-air experience of cycling but want to traverse greater distances.

Where Can I Legally Ride a Motorized Bicycle in California?

Not just a bike, but also not quite a motorcycle – Figuring out where it is legal to ride your motorized bicycle in California can be tricky.

According to California bicycle laws, motorized bicycles are not allowed to be ridden on trails, bike paths or in bike lanes unless otherwise informed by local authorities. Motorized bicycles are also prohibited from riding on highways or freeways.

Following these laws can help you avoid serious bicycle injuries and protect the safety of others on San Diego bike trails and roads.

Bike Safety Tips for Motorized Bicycles

Motorized bicycles often travel faster than traditional bikes. This means motorized bike riders may be at risk of sustaining even more severe bicycle injuries in accidents. In addition to the conventional safety tips for bicycles, our San Diego bicycle accident attorney cautions that riders of motorized bikes must take extra safety precautions, especially for the following:

Practice riding a motorized bike in private before going out in public: Get a good feel for operating your motorized bicycle before riding it a long distance or on busy San Diego roads. Motorized bicycles can take some time to master. To help avoid bike injuries, make sure you feel confident in your ability to maneuver around possible threats and to ride in areas where distractions may be present.

Wearing a proper helmet, which may be different from a traditional bicycle helmet: The faster your vehicle moves, the greater the risk of sustaining a bicycle brain injury. Motorized bikes can move substantially faster than traditional bicycles, so a typical bicycle helmet may not adequately protect you in the event of a bike accident. Consider purchasing a more suitable helmet for your type of bike. Many motorized bicycle riders wear helmets designed for mopeds, motorized scooters or other lightly powered motor vehicles. Learn more about California helmet laws here.

Hurt in a Motorized Bicycle Accident? Cyclists of All Bike Types Have Legal Rights

San Diego bike accident attorney Joshua Bonnici promotes bicycle safety, offering experienced legal protection to victims involved in all types of bike accidents. If you were involved in an accident while riding your motorized bike because of another person acting carelessly, talk to our San Diego bike accident lawyer today by phone at (858) 261-5454 for a free consultation.

When a bike crash happens, you do not need just any attorney handling your case. Speak with a fellow cyclist who understands the true costs of serious injuries and property damage a bike accident can have.