San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney on Road Hazard Bike Safety Tips for Cyclists

How to Negotiate Road Hazards like Potholes to Avoid San Diego Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle injury attorney San Diego on bike safety tipsYear round balmy weather makes San Diego bicycling one of Southern California’s most popular outdoor activities. Whether you prefer road, mountain or other types of biking, the combination of exercise, gorgeous scenery and sense of freedom encourages everyone to enjoy the wonders of cycling. No one takes to the beautiful San Diego bike trails expecting a bike accident.

Like motorists, San Diego cyclists must follow California traffic laws for bikes and practice bike safety to avoid serious bicycle injuries. San Diego bicycle accident attorney and cycling enthusiast Joshua Bonnici shares these must-know bike safety tips that can protect cyclists from bicycle injuries and keep SoCal cycling relaxing, exciting and fun.

How Can Bicycle Injuries be Avoided on California Trails?

A primary key for avoiding potential bicycle injuries on California trails and San Diego roads involves practicing good bike riding skills, such as riding with your head up and scanning the road ahead of you. Resist the temptation to fixate your eyes on the ground or rear tire of the bike in front of you. It only takes a moment to become distracted and ride into a hazard.

California bicycle injuries often happen when cyclists are inattentive to the road ahead of them. In addition, do not become too comfortable with the California paths and roads you frequent because bicycle injuries can occur anywhere and anytime.

Dangers of Roadway Hazards to San Diego Cyclists

When cycling in San Diego, always practice good bike safety by surveying the road for potential road hazards. Spotting threats in advance makes them easy and safe to handle. When you become aware of potholes, handle them the way you would debris, glass or other obstacles—check the traffic behind you and ride around the problem. In some cases, you may need to dismount and walk over or around the hazards.

Experienced San Diego cyclists understand how to use stop and turn evasive maneuvers and maintain a high level of bike safety at the same time. Always check for car and bike traffic first, and stay mindful of other cyclists before changing your line. Employ hand signals to point out road hazards to others.

Speak with San Diego bike accident lawyer for a free consultation if you have been the victim of bicycle injuries and would like to know what your rights are under California bicycle law.

What Causes Bicycle Injuries on San Diego Roads? Common Bicycle Road Hazards

Although bicycle injuries resulting from car-bicycle collisions are common and quite serious, many other hazards can increase the risk of bicycle injuries on Southern California roads and trails. Some may come in the form of glass, debris, cracked pavement or dead animals. Fading or confusing bike lane markings, missing signs or malfunctioning sensors may also present problems.

Potholes create one of the most common San Diego bicycle road threats, and are often the source of severe bicycle injuries. If your bicycle hits one of these craters unexpectedly, you may suffer a bent rim at the least. If your front wheel sinks into a breach, you may find yourself involved in a bike accident that has you tumbling over the handlebars.

Some other potential dangers to stay on the lookout for while biking in San Diego include:

  • Railroad tracks
  • Oil slicks
  • Outdated and broken grates
  • Wet metal

Cyclists – How to Report Potholes in Southern California

To help yourself and other California bikers avoid bike crashes and bicycle injuries, jot down information concerning San Diego County road hazards, including a brief description of the problem and its location so that you can report the situation to the proper public works agency.

Below are local phone numbers to report roadway hazards to the city:

Carlsbad (760) 434-2980
Chula Vista (619) 397-6000
Coronado (619) 522-7380
Del Mar (858) 755-3294
El Cajon (619) 441-1658
Encinitas (760) 633-2600
Escondido (760) 839-4668
Imperial Beach (619) 423-8311
La Mesa (619) 463-6611
Lemon Grove (619) 825-3810
National City (619) 336-4580
Oceanside (760) 435-4500
Poway (858) 668-4700
San Diego (619) 527-7500
San Marcos (760) 752-7550
Santee (619) 258-4195
Solana Beach (858) 720-2470
Vista (760) 726-1340

Hurt in a Pothole Accident? You May Have a Bicycle Accident Claim

San Diego bike accident attorney Joshua Bonnici is a bicycle commuter with years of cycling experience in San Diego, California and nationwide. If you need information about seeking compensation for your bicycle injuries caused by roadway hazards or negligent drivers, speak with our San Diego bike accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation to discuss what happened.