What is the Blind Stokers Club?

Local Bike Accident Lawyer in San Diego Participates in Charity Bike Rides

Image of Frank Dudek riding with his blind partner during a tour with the Blind Stokers ClubSan Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici and his blind cycling partner during the 2010 “Cycling For Sight” fundraising tour.

The Blind Stokers Club matches a sighted Captain with a blind “Stoker” on a tandem bicycle. The goal of the club is to share the joys of cycling with those who are unable to pilot a bike on their own. Club members train throughout the year for the annual 200-mile “Cycling For Sight” fundraiser event in July. Get more information about the fundraiser at www.CyclingForSight.org

The Blind Stokers Club applies principles of setting and attaining a goal, fundraising, mentoring and teamwork. It also emphasizes the joy and freedom of bicycling and the adventure of travel with a group. For more information about the Blind Stokers Club, please visit www.blindstokersclub.org

San Diego Accident Lawyer Supports Bike Safety

The Bonnici Law Group APC supports the Blind Stokers Club. In fact, San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici trains with his blind partner and friend weekly. They are currently preparing for their annual 200-mile tour.

Our personal injury law firm believes that not only should biking be about to be enjoyed by all, we also believe that cycling should be safe. Please call our San Diego bicycle law firm if you need legal help after an accident to receive a free attorney case review. We are as passionate about cycling as you are.