What Local Trails Make Great Bike Rides in San Diego?

Bicycle Accident Attorney Gives Recommendations on the Best San Diego Bike Routes

San Diego is a cycling friendly city, and the surrounding areas have bike trails for every age and experience level. From ocean views to city paths, there are a wide variety of options to keep your rides interesting, whether you live in the area or pedal in from out of town. Below, avid cyclist and bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici provides information on some of the best San Diego bike routes to help you plan your next excursion.

Anytime you take to the road or a bike trail, bicycle safety should be a priority. No matter where you ride, make sure to follow all state and local bicycle laws. Also, wearing the correct cycling gear helps prevent serious bicycle injuries if you are in a crash. Remember: If you are under 18, then California bicycle helmet law requires you wear a bike helmet. 

What are the Best San Diego Bike Routes in Southern CA?

The bike route from Ocean Beach to La Jolla represents one of the most traveled cycling paths in San Diego. It includes the Mission and Pacific Beach Boardwalks.

Mission Bay has a beautiful three-mile bike path frequented by hikers as well as cyclists. Many people extend this bike path to include Fiesta Island, which offers a five-mile loop that can be ridden by casual cyclists and serious athletes alike.

The nine-mile Silver Strand path routinely receives recognition as one of the most scenic and beautiful routes in the Southern California region. It is great for both hikers and cyclists.

San Diego bicycle tip: If you do not own a bike, or do not own a bike type made for longer routes, then there are several places on by Mission Bay where you can rent a bike. You can also take advantage of a San Diego bike share program.

Looking for a Quiet, Scenic Ride? Check Out the San Luis Rey River Trail

This paved bicycle trail rides along the San Luis Rey River in Oceanside, California. The one-way pedestrian/hike/bike path amounts to a 14.4-mile round trip on mostly straight and flat terrain.

There are many entrances to this trail, but many begin the journey at the north side of Oceanside pier. Once you reach the Benet Road and Fussat Road entry points, the view becomes more panoramic. Cyclists looking for more of a bike fitness challenge can exit at these points and ride on the terrain to the north. These consist of rolling landscape and undeveloped land.

San Diego bicycle tip: As one of the longest dedicated trails for San Diego biking, cyclists will appreciate the absence of traffic lights and vehicles. However, please use common bicycle safety practices. Continue to follow California bicycle laws, including hand-signaling before a turn as well as equipping your bike with reflectors and lights.

Want to See All of California? The Pacific Coast Highway Bike Trail is For You

One of the most scenic bike routes in the country, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) runs the entire length of the California coastline. Many people refer to the portion of the trail between San Diego and Oceanside as the “Historic 101”.

Many cyclists start at Del Mar and cycle north to the Camp Pendleton Marine Base. The landscape of this San Diego bike route consists of flat land and rolling terrain that you can exit at any point along the way. You can then discover some of California’s most interesting communities, including La Jolla, Encinitas, San Marcos, Carlsbad and Oceanside.

San Diego bicycle tip: You must wear a bike helmet and have identification to cycle through Camp Pendleton. This bike route also has portions where you may encounter vehicles. Make sure to ride in a bicycle lane, when able. If no bike lane is present, then make sure to ride as far to the right as possible. Stay aware of possible traffic.

Hurt on a Bike Trail or Path? San Diego Bicycle Attorney Helps Injured Cyclists After Accidents

San Diego bike accident attorney Joshua Bonnici has decades of cycling experience in San Diego, throughout California and the United States. He is an avid cyclist and bike commuter. By providing this resource site, he hopes cyclists find the information they need to make smarter decisions and bike safely in San Diego.

If you suffered injury or property damage in a bike accident due to a negligent motorist, then contact San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici. He offers a free, no obligation discussion of your potential bike crash case.