Does Auto Insurance Cover Bicycle Accidents?

Bike Injury Lawyer on Bicycle Insurance Coverage in San Diego CA

Photo of a person signing a documentAs more San Diego residents engage in cycling for fitness, pleasure or commuting, the issue of insurance coverage for bicycle accidents becomes even more prominent. Bicycle insurance has not gained traction in the U.S., but cyclists may take advantage of other options to limit their exposure to financial risks in the form of uninsured motorists (UM) underinsured motorists (UIM) or potential liability for bicycle accidents when filing bicycle accident claims.

San Diego Bicycle Insurance Dilemma

California laws require all motorists to demonstrate “financial responsibility”. Most drivers meet this requirement by purchasing the minimum liability insurance coverage required by the regulation — 15,000/30,000/5,000. This means the insured has bodily injury liability protection of $15,000 per individual per accident, $30,000 total bodily injury for more than one person per accident and $5,000 for property damage. This amount of coverage works well for minor San Diego bike accident claims that fall within the policy limits.

However, a serious injury from a San Diego bike accident can result in medical costs well in excess of the limits of the motorist’s policy. The injured cyclist becomes liable for the extra expenses. A cyclist may file a lawsuit against the motorist to recover the money. However, many motorists may have few or no assets to attach. In addition, many uninsured drivers operate vehicles.

Cyclist Bicycle Insurance Solutions

So, what options does a cyclist have for financial relief after a San Diego bike accident? One option entails taking advantage of the uninsured/underinsured provision of his vehicle insurance policy. The cyclist can pay for the maximum amount of UM/UIM coverage. This then applies if you are injured when driving, jogging or biking. California insurance code regulations require insurance carriers to extend the coverage to these activities, if you are injured by an uninsured or under insured motorist.

A bike rider who does not own an automobile may depend on their health insurance policy. However, even a cyclist with excellent bike riding skills and a good grasp of bicycle safety techniques may be at fault for a San Diego bike accident. The personal liability and personal property coverage of most renters or homeowners policies may attempt to exclude these types of bicycle accident claims. Therefore, it is important to get good advice from an accident attorney near you.

San Diego Cyclists Hurt in Accidents May be Entitled to File a Personal Injury Claim

San Diego bike accident attorney Joshua Bonnici has years of cycling experience in San Diego and throughout California. He offers this resource about bicycle insurance options to you. If you suffered injury or property damage in a cycling accident due to a negligent motorist, contact an accident attorney at the Bonnici Law Group APC for a free, no obligation discussion of your potential case.