Dealing with Car Insurance after a Bicycle Accident in California

San Diego Bike Accident Lawyer Wants to Get You the Justice You Deserve

A serious bike accident can leave you searching for answers regarding what your next steps need to be. When an car insurance company comes along and offers to help pay for your expenses, you may be tempted to simply take the settlement offer without a second thought.

San Diego bike accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici understands that you may not want to deal with the car insurance company after a collision. However, he can make it easy for you by fighting for your right to receive a fair amount of compensation in bicycle accident claim. Let him handle the car insurance adjusters on your behalf while you concentrate on your recovery.

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance After a San Diego Bike Accident

Just because the driver who crashed into you while you were riding your bike is at fault does not mean the driver’s insurance company will automatically pay what you deserve for your bicycle injuries. After you file a bicycle accident claim with the car insurance company, an insurance adjuster will likely contact you for a recorded statement. Be aware that this company ultimately represents the driver and its own interests, not yours. The insurance agent will attempt to use your statement against you. Do not speak with another driver’s insurance agent without your own attorney at your side.

The bottom line is that the insurance adjusters are not working for your best interests; they are attempting to minimize the total benefits they need to provide you for the bike accident. Often, this settlement amount is unfair and does not take into consideration the true costs of your bike damage or bicycle worth, especially for high-end bicycle types, or for the future treatment or care you may need for your bicycle injuries.

Should I Accept a Bicycle Accident Claim Settlement from the Car Insurance Company?

After evaluating your case, the at-fault driver’s car insurance company may offer you a settlement for the damages sustained to your bicycle as well as any medical bills and other expenses related to your bicycle injuries. Although you may believe the company is offering you a fair amount of compensation, medical bills can be costly, especially if you suffered permanent disabilities. The company will likely not offer to pay for all of these expenses. It may argue that a previous injury actually caused the injuries you suffered in a bike accident and not the collision itself. It may also provide medical payments, but only for a short time. These companies have many methods to get off the hook for paying the full amount of compensation to which you are legally entitled.

If a driver caused your involvement in a bike crash, you deserve compensation for your damages. In most cases, you can protect your rights by discussing your experience with a knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney. A lawyer near you in San Diego can review the details of your bicycle accident claim. He or she can then determine how much compensation you should receive. Your legal counsel can also talk to the insurance company and ensure that it provides the benefits you need.

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San Diego bike accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici understands how to deal with insurance companies. Additionally, as an experienced cyclist, he also understands the physical, emotional and financial strains suffered by victims of bicycle crashes and their families. He does not accept any attorney fees unless he secures a verdict or settlement for your bicycle accident claim. Call our office today at (858) 261-5454 to schedule a free attorney consultation.