Meet Your Cycling Community by Joining a San Diego Bike Club

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in California on Local Cycling Club Benefits

Southern California has a very active bicycling community; you may have seen some cycling clubs riding around town and thought to yourself, “Should I join a San Diego bike club?” Our bicycle law firm says, “Yes!” From biking in San Diego paths you may never have explored on your own to decreasing your bicycle accident risk by cycling in a group, there are many benefits to joining a San Diego bike club.

What are Cycling Club Benefits? Reasons to Join a San Diego Bike Club

  • Gaining motivation. We know biking is a great way to stay fit, but sometimes the call of couch can be very tempting. However, if you have a ride scheduled and other people are expecting you to show up, this can give you more cycling motivation to get outside and enjoy a bike ride.
  • Meeting new friends. Joining a San Diego bike club is a great way to put yourself out there and meet new people. The San Diego cycling community is very friendly and welcoming.
  • Helping your community. Many cycling clubs will take part in charity or fundraising events. The Blind Stokers Club, for example, helps blind cyclists experience the thrill of biking by teaming them with sighted riders. Enjoy your favorite hobby and help your community at the same time when you join a San Diego bike club.
  • Learning new skills. Some cycling clubs offer lessons or tutorials to help beginning riders learn the basics and advanced riders learn special techniques. By joining a network of cyclists, you can learn all about cycling terms, bike gear and equipment. You may also learn how to perform bicycle maintenance, brake repairs and how to fix your bike yourself. Experienced cycling club members may also help you find the right bicycle type for your cycling skill level.
  • Discovering new trails. With so many San Diego bike routes in this community, you are bound to discover some new paths if you join a local cycling club.
  • Saving your money. Some San Diego biking clubs carry a membership fee, but in return, you can enjoy discounts at race registrations, sports equipment stores, select restaurants and more.
  • Staying safe. Riding in a group is not only fun and social, but it can also promote bike safety. Groups of cyclists are easier for motorists to see and avoid than single cyclists due to creating increased bike traffic. If you do sustain bicycle injuries while riding in a San Diego bike club, you will likely receive medical attention and preserve important bike accident evidence more quickly and easily if you are in a group.

After a Bike Crash, You Need a San Diego Bicycle Lawyer Who Rides

San Diego bike accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici is an avid cyclist and injury attorney with extensive experience practicing personal injury and accident law in California. He encourages all cyclists to experience what biking San Diego has to offer. However, he knows that biking and sharing the road with motorists is not always safe.

Give his office a call if you ever injure yourself in a bike accident, or if a loved one has been hurt in a San Diego bicycle accident. Contact our bicycle law firm today to schedule a no charge, no obligation consultation.