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Who Is Responsible If a Road Hazard Caused My Bicycle Accident?

Cyclists face particular risks while biking on roadways and sidewalks. One important risk factor involves dangerous bike path conditions. Bike paths obstructed by road hazards can cause serious injury. If this has happened to you, you are likely wondering who is liable for a road hazard bicycle accident? Our avid biker and San Diego bicycle accident attorney provides the answer to this question below. What Are the Most Common Road Hazards Cyclists Face? Roadway bicycles are lightweight and have thin tires, making them relatively unstable. This is especially the case when road hazards are present. The most common of these hazards include: Potholes Potholes can appear after long-term wear on the road. This can cause the surface of the road to break, creating a crack or hole. Additionally, poorly executed or temporary fixes to cracks or holes can devolve into potholes. When a cyclist hits a pothole, he or she…
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