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Tips for Beginner Cyclists

Cycling is a fantastic sport and pastime. It’s fun, thrilling, and relaxing all at the same time. If you’re considering joining the cycling community, dwell on it no longer and just do it! We promise we don’t bite. We love cycling here at CA Bike Safety and are always more than eager to get more people to join the club. To help ease you into it, we share some helpful tips for beginner cyclists. Invest in basic biking gear. The first thing you want to do when getting into cycling is building up your gear set. You will want to gather all your equipment, from your helmet to your bike. When shopping around for your gear, it’s natural to become overwhelmed. With so many options, deciding what to get can quickly become frustrating. Additionally, the price tags that come with some don’t help. But, not to worry! You don’t need…
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