Wear a Helmet to Reduce Risk of Bicycle Brain Injury in a Crash

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Wearing a bicycle helmet is a crucial component of bicycle safety, and it is, without a doubt, the most effective way to avoid a bicycle brain injury in the event of an accident. California bicycle accidents can happen anywhere: on a bike trail in the Southern California woods, a peaceful suburb or a busy San Diego intersection. Wearing a helmet “is the single most effective way to prevent head injury,” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Bicycle helmets are an affordable piece of bicycle equipment that no California cyclist should ever be without while biking. It takes just a few seconds to put on, and it could save your life.

On this page, you will find bike safety tips from avid cyclist, bicycle safety advocate and San Diego bicycle accident attorney. If you have fallen victim to a bicycle accident in and around SoCal, contact San Diego bike accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici for a free consultation. He may be able to file a California bicycle accident claim and help you gain compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle Helmets Reduce Risk of Bicycle Brain Injury in California Bike Accidents

Many studies reinforce how important it is for cyclists in California and nationwide to wear bike helmets. It is especially important to exercise bicycle safety in San Diego, where the roads can be dangerous due to congestion, traffic and negligent drivers.

Bicycle accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries. This is especially true when not wearing a helmet. Wearing a properly fitted bicycle helmet can reduce the risk of sustaining a bicycle brain injury.

Unfortunately, San Diego cyclists who survive a bicycle brain injury often find it difficult to return to the life they had before the bicycle accident. Bicycle brain injuries cause drastic shifts in emotions, memories, attitude and physical capabilities. For both you and your loved ones’ benefits, do what you can to avoid the risks of sustaining a bicycle brain injury on California roads by practicing diligent bicycle safety and always wearing a bicycle helmet while biking in San Diego.

As a passionate cyclist himself, our San Diego bike accident lawyer works to see fellow cyclists take proactive bicycle safety measures across the state of California and nationwide.

How Do Bike Helmets Work to Protect San Diego Cyclists from Bicycle Brain Injury?

The helmet’s protective shell will do most of the work to keep your head safe in the event of a bicycle accident. However, wearing a brightly colored helmet can add extra visibility and decrease the risk of a bike crash on busy or dark San Diego streets.

Another reason to wear a helmet: avoid fines and citation. The California bicycle helmet laws state that every cyclist under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. If you are under 18 riding without a helmet, or if your children ride without helmets, you could receive a citation. Teach your kids the importance of bicycle helmets at an early age. If you use the bicycle-sharing program in San Diego, remember to keep a helmet at work or in your car for easy access.

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