Are Millennials Encouraging Investments in Cycling?

USA Today recently named San Diego one of the best ten cities in the nation for cycling. The article based their decision on San Diego’s mild climate, good terrain (not too hilly or flat), distinct neighborhoods and beautiful beachfront bike trails.

San Diego has worked hard to provide amenities for cyclists, but they are not alone. Across the nation, cities are using cycling to attract millennials and active commuters to their area.

These days, millennials are “multimodal”, meaning they are more willing to ditch the car and find other ways to travel.  Factors like environmental awareness, limited finances and a commitment to fitness all play a part in the decision to make bicycles their primary mode of transportation.

According to a member of the League of American Bicyclists, “States and cities are competing for the most mobile generation ever, so job creators… are really pushing for these amenities.”

Less than one percent of Americans commute solely by bicycle. However, bicycle commuters are generally young professionals aged 16-44, and male cyclists outnumber women 3-1. This demographic has shown the most interest in alternative transportation, and they tend to flock to areas willing to support that lifestyle.

Though women only make up a small percentage of cyclists right now, some transportation experts say that their involvement helps indicate how well the sport is doing in certain states. Cycling rates are higher in areas where women ride regularly, and cycling conditions are generally safer, more convenient and more comfortable.

All over America, people are embracing cycling as a way to save money, protect the environment and stay healthy. Millennials and their fellow cyclists are doing more than just riding, however, they are contributing to the economy and stimulating a spirit of innovation.

As cycling gains popularity, cities will continue to vie for the “creative and economic energy” that comes from an active population. To be successful, cities have to be willing to invest in dedicated bike lanes and protective barriers. Without a safe place to ride, cyclists are risking life and limb every time they get on the road.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that more cyclists lead to more accidents. Even in their own lane, bicycle riders are exposed to cars traveling at high speeds for most of their commute. Inattentive drivers are the most dangerous road hazard facing cyclists, and collisions can have catastrophic results.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys in San Diego

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