Are My Disc Brakes Safe?

If you purchased a TRP mechanical disc brake caliper last year, you should get it checked out at your nearest bike shop. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has ordered a recall of 2,000 TRP disc brakes. Consumers can send in their malfunctioning disc brakes to receive the improved version for free. TRP also released a similar brake caliper under the moniker Spyre and Spyre SLC. The recalled brake discs can be identified by a six-pointed fastening screw and a 3 mm adjustment screw on the side.

According to a representative of TRP, “[t]he Spyre caliper uses a dual piston design in which ball bearings move within opposing ramps. We have discovered that in a specific scenario, the balls can be forced from the ramps if the actuator arm is fully activated to its stop with excessively worn or no pads installed.” This is a safety concern for cyclists because it compromises braking ability. “The effect is that the one or more of the balls can jump from its position within its respective ramp, resulting in a reduction or loss of braking force.”

In addition, according to a representative of CPSC, “[t]he brake cable actuator arm can over-rotate, dislocating parts, causing the brake calipers to fail. Lack of brakes results in loss of control and a crash hazard, posing a risk of injury to the rider and others.”

Many cyclists may be currently riding around on TRP disc brakes unaware if they purchased a 2013 BTI, Diamondback, Kona, Raleigh, Marin, Volagi or any other bicycle that utilized TRP brakes as original equipment.

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