Quick Bike Safety Tips

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney on Best Ways Cyclists Can Help Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is a healthy, fun, cost-effective and environmentally conscious form of transportation. San Diego in particular is a fantastic city to commute by bicycle. However, cycling presents certain risks, but the actions of the bike rider involved can sometimes help prevent or lessen the extent of bicycle injuries in a crash with the proper preparation. Other times, your involvement in a bicycle accident may be unavoidable. Many San Diego bicycle accidents are caused by driver error, defects in the road or faulty bike parts.

San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici is an experienced lawyer and cyclist. He even chooses to ride his bike to work any chance he can! He shares these five simple ways all California cyclists can help prevent their involvement and lessen bicycle injuries in accidents. If you have been hurt in a bicycle crash, he offers free attorney advice when you schedule a consultation with him. He wants all cyclists to know their rights before and after San Diego bike accidents.

Top Bike Safety Tips for Adults, Parents and Children

  1. Ride with traffic. Keep in mind that when you take a bicycle on the road, the same California laws that govern people in cars and trucks also pertains to you. That means you need to ride in the same direction as cars on your side of the road, and let others know when you plan to turn by using hand signals. Extend your left arm straight to the left to signal a left turn; bend your left elbow up to signal a right turn.
  1. Wear a bicycle helmet. Wear a bicycle helmet. A helmet is are the most effective way to prevent or reduce a brain injury sustained in a bike accident. Wearing a helmet is an easy way to potentially save your life.
  1. Stay visible. Many bicycle accidents occur because the motorist did not see the cyclist in time. Make sure your bike has plenty of reflectors and that you wear brightly colored clothing. Try to avoid riding at night, but if you do, consider a headlamp for increased visibility.
  1. Maintain your bike. Proper bicycle maintenance is crucial for both extending the lifespan of your bike and for preventing bike accidents. If your brakes or equipment malfunctions while crossing an intersection, you could cause a serious car accident.
  1. Avoid alcohol. Many cyclists consider biking while inebriated a safer alternative to driving drunk. Still, negligent cyclists can create potentially fatal traffic risks for themselves, pedestrians and motorists.

San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney Ready to Work Hard for Injured Cyclists

With years cycling experience in California and nationwide, San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici is an advocate for bike safety. He is proud to represent many bike accident victims hurt by negligence or wrongdoing on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no attorney fees if he is unsuccessful with obtaining compensation for the bike accident claim. To learn more, contact our bike accident lawyer by calling (858) 261-5454.