Emergency First Aid and Bike Repair Kit: What Every Cyclist Should Have

San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney on Bicycle Safety and Being Prepared for a Crash

Every Southern California cyclist should carry an emergency bike repair kit. If you do not have one yet, our San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici offers his tips on putting one together. Emergency cycling kits are not only necessary for distance cyclists, but they can also help in the event of a local bike accident on San Diego bike trails and roads. Much like the emergency kits we keep in our vehicles, cycling kits often include tools and first aid equipment that help riders ensure safe returns from long, or short, biking adventures.

Every cyclist should have a biking emergency kit, and if you do not own one yet, our San Diego bike accident lawyer can get you started putting one together.

How to Assemble an Emergency Bike Repair Kit

To assemble your own emergency bike repair kit, and to practice proactive bike safety, you will first need a bag in which to store the kit’s contents. A handlebar bag or under seat bag will give you an adequate amount of storage space, and can be secured to your bicycle. You may even be able to purchase a fully equipped cycling kit, bag included.

Once you have designated a roomy bag in which to contain your emergency bike kit, you may begin collecting the tools and materials that will help keep you safe in the event of a bicycle accident, bike injury or broken part.

What is in a Bike Repair Kit? Helpful Bicycle Maintenance Tools and Safety Gear to Have in Case of Emergency

  • A bicycle multi-tool is essential to all bike repair kits. It is relatively compact and handy in a wide variety of situations. Bike multi-tools with Allen keys, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, open and box-end wrenches and chain repair devices are ideal. Find a tool that best suits the specific needs of your bike.
  • A patch kit and air pump should have a place in every cycling kit, as a flat bike tire can occur anytime, anywhere. Much like carrying a spare tire and jack in the trunk of your vehicle, a bike tire patch kit and air pump can ensure you make it home safely without doing further damage to your bicycle. A solid patch kit should include tire levers to make changing tires easier. You can opt for a hand bicycle pump or a CO2 inflator.
  • One spare bicycle inner tube is important to include in your bike repair kit. While they do tend to take up extra space, some flat bike tires cannot be addressed with a quick patch job. A new bicycle inner tube may be necessary if your bike tire has been punctured by broken glass or sharp gravel on San Diego bike trails and roads. Click here to learn how to repair a bicycle inner tube.

Hurt While Biking? Essential Cycling First Aid Kit Contents

In addition to bike repair tools, your cycling kit should be well stocked with first aid supplies. Nobody expects to be injured in a bike accident, but with an ever-growing population of negligent drivers hitting Southern California roads, bike injuries can occur.

San Diego bike accident lawyer and cyclist Joshua Bonnici recommends including the following items in your emergency bike injury kit:

  • Gauze and bandages of various sizes – Be sure to include large bandages capable of covering road rash injuries.
  • Disinfectant to treat bike injuries that have broken skin such as cuts and scrapes
  • Pain-relief medication

Before you leave for a ride, it is also a good idea to bring along ID, emergency contact information, proof of any important medical details, such as allergies to medications, and insurance information.

Being properly prepared in the event on a biking emergency can help eliminate some of the pain and suffering involved in a bicycle accident. Do not hesitate to contact San Diego bike accident lawyer and fellow cyclist Joshua Bonnici if you have sustained bike injuries, or if you have questions regarding filing a personal injury claim after a bike crash.

In a San Diego Bike Accident? Call Our Bicycle Accident Lawyer Now

Southern California cyclists should be prepared for any situation. While an emergency bike kit can assist you with problems on the road, preparedness also means knowing what to do if you suffer harm from a bike accident caused by another individual’s negligence.

San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici helps cyclists injured in bike crashes recover damages for their financial loss, physical injuries and suffering. With decades of cycling experience and two decades in bike law, he understands the dangers cyclists face as well as how to take necessary legal action. Contact San Diego bike accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici by phone at (858) 261-5454 for a free consultation to learn about your legal options in the event of a bike accident in or around SoCal.