How Parents Can Help Children Avoid San Diego Bike Accidents

Bicycle Accident Attorney in California on Best Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids

San Diego bicycle accident attorney and avid cyclist Joshua Bonnici enjoys sharing the thrills of cycling with enthusiasts of all ages. Cycling is a fun and healthy activity for all children old enough to ride bikes. However, parents must stress the importance of always practicing good bike safety from a young age.

Bicycle injuries among children are more common than anyone would like to believe. Hopefully, with more awareness of preventative bike safety measures, these fatal child bike accident statistics will continue to decrease.

Our bike accident lawyer works to promote bike safety throughout Southern California, where the roads can be busy and filled with negligent drivers. On this page, bicycle accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici outlines some important steps parents may take to help instill solid bicycle safety practices in their children that can last a lifetime, and very possibly, save them from experiencing a San Diego bike crash.

5 Simple Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids and Families

Bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici knows firsthand how dangerous Southern California roads can be for cyclists, but this should not deter parents from allowing their children to experience the joys and benefits of cycling. Leading by example, following California bike law and imparting solid bike safety tips can greatly reduce the risk of your child being involved in a San Diego bicycle accident.

To practice good bike safety with your children, always:

Wear properly fitted bicycle helmets.
Wearing a bicycle helmet is not only a highly effective way to prevent a bicycle brain injury for cyclists of any age, but it is also the law. California bicycle helmet law states that any cyclist under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet at all times while cycling. Many children learn by example. As an adult, wearing a bike helmet can communicate the importance of practicing bicycle safety in a strong way, and it encourages the formation of lasting cycling safety habits.

Use the sidewalk. While there are no California bicycle laws regarding the legality of cycling on the sidewalk, most municipalities say to use the road or a bike lane, except for children under the age of ten. Young children are usually safer using the sidewalk.

Bike ride as a family. Going on family rides can teach your children the basics of bicycle safety from a young age. Showing them safe biking practices – like when to cross an intersection on a bike – is far more effective than saying, “Cross when the road is clear.” On this website, you will find our bicycle accident lawyer’s favorite family-friendly San Diego bike trails.

Stay visible while cycling. Encourage your kids to wear bright clothes, a bright helmet or ride a brightly colored bicycle around town. Many San Diego bicycle accidents and crashes across the nation occur because the motorist failed to see the bike in time.

Teach the bike routes. Before you let your children bike unsupervised, make sure they know where to go. Show them the route on a map, and quiz them on directions and any dangerous intersections before they leave.

San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney on the Best and Safest Ways to Cycle with Kids

When cycling with young children, who are just beginning to grasp basic biking techniques, it may be wise to stick to low-traffic San Diego bike trails. Using a trailer attachment for the first few trips on longer, public trails may also be a good idea, as it familiarizes children with how to handle any possible obstacles.

Older children may be ready to cycle on the roadside or in a bike lane where traffic is present. In these situations, cycling with your child riding either directly in front of or behind you can greatly limit your control and visibility. Make sure to ride to the left of and just slightly behind, but still beside your child for an optimal vantage point and control should anything threaten your child’s safety while cycling.

Child Injured in a Bike Accident? Your Family Has Legal Rights After Bicycle Crashes Caused by Careless Drivers

California bike law expects drivers to demonstrate increased caution whenever children are present and can be held liable for their negligence in the event of a child bicycle accident. If your child suffered injuries due to a bicycle accident in Southern California, contact San Diego bicycle accident attorney Joshua Bonnici today for a free consultation regarding your right to collect injury compensation for medical bills, damages and financial recovery for your family’s pain and suffering.

San Diego bike accident lawyer Joshua Bonnici is an avid cyclist and father who encourages children of all capable ages to enjoy the thrill of cycling in a safe and responsible way. He will fight to uphold the rights of your child and family after a devastating crash that should not have happened.