Bike the Bay Was a Huge Success!

Cyclists biking in the cityBike the Bay, an annual event put together by the San Diego Bicycle Coalition, enjoyed a record turnout this year. More than 3,400 bicyclists joined the 25-mile-long group ride.

Bicyclists from all around came here to enjoy the ride. Visitors from Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and even so far as New York enjoyed pedaling around our great city. All ages and skill levels were welcome as well. More than a few longtime members of AARP were in attendance, along with their grandchildren.

Our own Joshua Bonnici was also in attendance this year and had this to say about the event: “Bike the Bay is a successful fundraiser for the San Diego Bicycle Coalition, which advocates on behalf of cyclists.  Riders circle San Diego Bay and have the unique chance to bike over the Coronado Bridge, which links downtown San Diego to the oceanside city of Coronado.  I enjoy participating in this ride every year with my wife, the Blind Stokers Club and thousands of other cyclists!”

The biggest draw to this event is the chance to ride over the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. The opportunity to ride over the bridge only comes once a year during this event. It is the primary attraction, and with good reason. Riding over the bridge provides the most spectacular feeling and view possible. It’s made possible by dividing the bridge into two halves. One side for motorists, and the other for the Bike the Bay attendees.

The money raised by this year’s riders is projected to be more than $80,000, about $10,000 more than last year. The funds are used by the San Diego Bicycle Coalition to enrich the lives of cyclists and work towards making them as safe as possible.

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