Has Cycling Become More Popular?

City bikers in San FranciscoCycling has become an increasingly popular hobby in Southern California, and a new Long Beach shop that specializes in refurbishing vintage bicycles has capitalized on this. The Bicycle Stand is Long Beach’s only restoration shop dedicated to refurbishing classical vintage road bikes and city bikes. Bicycle parts from England, Italy, and other parts of Europe line the store walls. Business has been so good for the owners, that they now receive calls from around the country for parts. Although the bike shop specializes in vintage European bicycles, it also services mountain, cargo and sports bikes.

Cycling culture has become about identity, and the two owners realized that when they made their business. Perhaps the best part of their business is that they get to do something they are passionate about, and then spread that passion to other people.  The Long Beach couple started the business out of their own home before moving into a vacant building with far more space. Presently, only a few very dedicated and knowledgeable employees operate The Bicycle Stand.

U.S. Census Data Shows Growth in Cycling to Work

Commuter cities are known for their heavy use of public transportation and other means of getting around. Cycling has taken off in cities with booming populations and heavy traffic. Although cyclists only make up 1 percent of total commuters, the US Census Bureau reported that cycling to work has increased by 60 percent in the last decade. Cycling as a means of commuting increased rapidly in places like Palo Alto, Berkeley and Santa Cruz. Communities that have seen an influx of population growth have supported bike sharing programs, bike lanes and pedestrian friendly streets to reduce traffic and promote healthy lifestyles.

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Did You Know?: Cyclists save a combined $4.6 billion every year by riding instead of driving.