Would an E-Bike Be Right for Me?

Would an E-Bike Be Right for Me?For some people, an electric bicycle might be just what they need to get up and get active. For example, people with limited mobility could use E-bikes as a method of light exercise or just to get out and feel the wind in their hair. Depending on your lifestyle, an E-bike could be a useful tool to complement or even replace your traditional methods of transportation.

Pros of E-bikes:

  • While they may cost more than the standard bicycle, they are way cheaper (and better for the environment) than a gas-powered car.
  • Hate traffic? Take a bike lane instead. E-bikes are an efficient way around congestion.
  • They are as easy to park as a normal bike and fit comfortably in bike racks. No more driving for 30 minutes trying to find parking!
  • They complement other forms of transit, like buses, that carry bicycles
  • They encourage exercise and get you outdoors
  • You can go further with less effort
  • If you bike to work, an E-bike can eliminate the need to shower after your commute
  • Renewed access for those unable to ride a conventional bike.

Cons of E-bikes:

  • Costs more than the average bike
  • They can require more maintenance
  • They do nothing to make inclement weather more comfortable
  • They are slower than cars and motorcycles

This budding technology has been rapidly expanding, though because they look almost the same as normal bikes, you might not have noticed. While E-bikes are no substitute for the exercise you will get from a normal bike, they provide several advantages that might make more sense for your lifestyle.


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