Following Fatal California Bicycle Accident, Teen Driver Given Maximum Sentence

David Rosen was given the maximum sentence after pleading guilty to gross negligence for causing a fatal California bicycle accident in April, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Rosen was 17 years old when he struck Solaiman Nuri and his nine-year-old daughter as they were riding their bicycles on the sidewalk in Concord, California. Nuri was pronounced dead on the scene, but his daughter survived.

Rosen, attempting to beat a light before it changed to red, accelerated his vehicle to 71 mph, crossed onto the sidewalk to pass cars ahead of him and struck Nuri and his daughter. Nuri was survived by his wife and two daughters.

“Solaiman was an unbelievable father to these two girls,” said Senior Deputy District Attorney Dan Cabral. “They did not view their father as a father, they viewed him as a best friend.”

Rosen turned 18 in October of this year. Because he was a minor when he was convicted of the charges, he will be released in three years when he turns 21.

This is a tragic reminder of the consequences when individuals choose to operate their vehicle recklessly. The accident is the definition of gross negligence.

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