Is The Bikes & Beers Ride Safe?

According to the San Diego Free Press, a group of San Diego bicyclists are hoping to highlight local craft brewing businesses by hosting a 26-mile bike ride throughout the city with stops at a number of breweries. The ride will take place on March 29 at 9:30 a.m., and riding groups will depart every 30 minutes until 11 a.m. Cyclists will travel along the San Diego River, Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay, Petco Park and Balboa Park for four hours with plenty of rest breaks.

Hopefully, the event will serve as an example of responsible bicycling. Cyclists are encouraged to sample the local craft brews in moderation and not drink to excess. Plentiful water and bicycle repair equipment will be available along the ride to ensure a safe ride. In addition, the ride will also convince businesses skeptical of the reduction of parking spots to make room for bike lanes of the benefits of bicycle traffic. The ride will pass through the Hillcrest area, where bicycle infrastructure expansion has found the most resistance.

Organizers aim to make the ride an annual event and symbol of responsible bicycling. Bikes and Beers will also give craft beer enthusiasts with little cycling experience the chance to learn all of the major bike routes throughout the city. Twenty percent of the proceeds from participating breweries will go to BikeSD, which represents bicycling interests in local government and promotes the expansion of bicycle infrastructure.

Thankfully, most of the ride will take place off major roads, so bicyclists will not have to worry about sharing the road with motorists. Many San Diego streets are in the process of converting to major bicycle corridors and motorists need time to adapt to the increased presence of bicyclists sharing the road.

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