Pippa Middleton Starts Cross-Country Bicycling Tour

Pippa Middleton and her husband, James, have started a nationwide cycling tour, pedaling past the San Diego starting line on June 14.

Photo of Tandem BikeThe couple and eight of their friends hope to complete the 3,000-mile trek in eight days, ending in Annapolis, Maryland. The twelve-state wide cycling tour is in support of their teammate, James Matthews, whose brother died during a descent from Mt. Everest in 1999.

The team displayed their British patriotism with colorful costumes modeled after the British flag, making them recognizable even at a distance as they started their journey.

The event, simply called “Race Across America,” is also fundraising in support of the British Heart Foundation. Pippa Middleton currently works as an ambassador for the organization, and says she hopes to use this journey to raise awareness about coronary heart disease in women.

As part of a statement released by the British Heart Foundation, Middleton stated: “I was shocked to learn that nearly three times more women die from coronary heart disease than breast cancer. I’m passionate about raising awareness amongst women of this killer disease [to help reduce their risk].”

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Source: http://www.people.com/article/pippa-james-middleton-race-across-america