San Diego Wrongful Death Attorney Warns of Danger of Night Riding

Robert F. Huffman, an avid Florida cyclist, died in a tragic collision with a car while he was riding at night, according to the Herald-Tribune. Huffman, 65, had a reputation in Sarasota as being an avid cyclist and a friendly neighbor. Huffman was reportedly riding after 9 p.m. when he was hit from behind by a Toyota Celica less than half a mile away from his home.

Huffman died from injuries related to the accident, which remains under investigation.

Huffman’s bicycle was equipped with both lights and reflectors on both the front and back of his bike, and he was wearing a helmet when he was hit by the car.

“I’d seen him ride at night,” said neighbor Juanita Fortuna. “You know these drivers; they’re not looking for a bicycle. You hear the motorcycles, but sometimes even the bike lights blend in.”

This tragic accident reminds us that even cyclists who take safety measurable are extremely vulnerable, especially at night.

There are more bicycle accident fatalities in Florida than almost any other states—in 2009 there were 107 deaths from bicycle accidents. Legislators and community organizers must make safety a priority for not only cyclists, but pedestrians and motorists as well.

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