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Can a Cyclist Roll Through Stop Signs in California?

California is one of the most popular states for cycling and also a state with a high number of cycling-related injuries. From 2010-2016, fatal cycling accidents increased by 43% in the Bay Area alone, states the Mercury Report. With such high numbers, it seems logical that California legislature should be enacting cycling laws that can lower the amount of accidents on the roads. However, it seems the legislature has yet to agree on whether cyclists will be able to utilize the “California Roll,” known otherwise as the “Idaho stop,” while traveling through the city. The California Roll The colloquial term refers to a cyclist rolling through a stop sign. This means that the cyclist would be traveling towards a stop sign and, instead of slowing to a stop, would observe their surroundings for any pedestrians or vehicular traffic first. If none of these were present, the cyclist would be free…
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