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What Are Vulnerable Road Users?

We recently published a blog discussing how fatal accidents increased for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in recent years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published the most recent statistics on these traffic accidents. All three groups are known as “vulnerable road users” or “vulnerable users”. This is a catch-all term to describe people who are not using motor vehicles. Other examples of vulnerable users include people on skateboards, mopeds, farm vehicles or in wheelchairs. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other vulnerable road users have little to no protection when they are involved in accidents. Some states have laws that help protect vulnerable users from harm. California does have some laws that take vulnerable users into account, but there is always room for improvement. The League of American Bicyclists has three recommendations states can use while crafting vulnerable user laws. These recommendations include: Creating a “vulnerable user law”. This law would…
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Are San Diego Cyclists Being Assaulted?

We have written about road rage on our blog before. Many of us who are used to cycling in San Diego have probably been honked at, yelled at, flipped off or cussed at by motorists who were unwilling to share the road. Unfortunately, there are also cases where cyclists are assaulted or pushed off the road by angry motorists. Assaults or attempted assaults on cyclists are not uncommon in California. Some cyclists have even recorded their encounters by using wearable cameras. Last year, a video of an East Bay Area cyclist being struck by a tennis ball was shared online. In other cases, cyclists have been run off the road  or screamed at by angry motorists. Cyclists who are assaulted can suffer serious injuries, or worse, they may be killed. What Cyclists Can Do After an Assault First, it would be wise to buy a wearable camera if you are…
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Can Cycling Slow the Aging Process?

Cycling is a healthy and effective mode of transportation used by millions of people in the US. Many of the health benefits of cycling are already known. For example, we know that cycling can improve cardiovascular health and reduce stress. A new study even claims that frequent cycling can slow down certain aspects of the aging process. Researchers at Kings College in London determined that cycling can slow down age-related muscle deterioration. To make this determination for the study, researchers biopsied the quadriceps of 125 male and female cyclists between the ages of 55 and 79 years old. Researchers compared the results with two other groups. The first group consisted of 55 young adults who were not physically active. The second group was made up of similarly aged people who also did not exercise. According to results from the study, the quadriceps of the participants had more muscle mass and…
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