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What To Do After a Bike Accident? 

Biking happens every day. While we hope it never happens to us or someone we care about, the reality is that it happens more often than not. Whether you’re a casual cyclist or someone who rides religiously, it’s essential to know what to happen in the unfortunate event you find yourself in the middle of an accident. This article shares the five steps to take after a bike accident. Ask for Help Immediately While we hope it never happens to you or someone you know, it’s essential to know what to do to ensure you get the compensation you need to recover fully. The first thing you want to do after getting hit by a car is ask for help. Call out to bystanders for assistance and contact 911. If an accident happens on a relatively busy street, it is essential to get to a clear space. You’ll likely need…
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What Are the Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents?

There are a handful of situations that tend to cause the most bicycle accidents. Below, our San Diego bicycle accident attorney explains some of the most common types of bicycle accidents and how you can help to avoid them. Right Cross Bike Accident A right cross bike accident is the most common cause of a bicycle accident. A right cross accident occurs when a car pulls out from the right side of a street, parking lot or driveway. The car either hits the cyclist or the cyclist hits the car. You can help avoid a right cross bike accident by: Getting a headlight for your bike Riding further left in the lane Left Cross Bike Accident A left cross bike accident occurs when a car coming from the opposite direction of a cyclist turns left in front of the cyclist or into the cyclist. You can help avoid a left…
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How Should You Respond to a Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident?

Hit and run accidents are notoriously common in San Diego. Some hit and run crashes involve pedestrians or bicyclists who die or suffer serious injuries. In the more serious cases, we hear about hit and run collisions on the news – such as the man in Guatay who was seriously injured in a hit and run bicycle crash last month. Other cases of hit and run bike crashes in San Diego involve fatalities.  If you or a loved one suffered harm in a hit and run, there are critical steps you should take immediately following the accident.  Contact the Police and Emergency Services If you suffer injuries in a bicycle collision with a hit and run driver, then your first step should be to seek medical attention and notify the authorities. Depending on what you remember about the vehicle, police may be able to apprehend and arrest the driver. You…
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