What is the Toward an Active California Plan?

What is the Toward an Active California Plan?Caltrans has announced that it plans to adopt the first statewide bicycle and pedestrian plan, known as Toward an Active California. The decision came after more than a year of discussions between California agencies, as well as advocacy groups and local communities. In previous years, Caltrans has put out the Non-Motorized Transportation Facilities Report, a less comprehensive plan that covers state work being done in a variety of other areas, such as greenhouse gas reduction, but Toward an Active California is much more ambitious.

The goal of the plan is to move toward safe and convenient travel for cyclists and pedestrians across California. By 2040, Caltrans hopes to strengthen the connection between safe and efficient transportation, environmental health and public health.

What are some of the proposals contained within the plan?

  • To double walking and public transit use, as well as triple bicycling
  • To reduce the rates of bicycle and pedestrian fatalities by 10 percent per year
  • To increase the number of complete street projects by 20 percent
  • To design safer roadways and pedestrian crossings
  • To provide universal education to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists on road etiquette and responsibility
  • To invest in data availability for vehicle accidents
  • To increase enforcement of traffic, cycling and pedestrian laws
  • To make shoulders and bike lanes safer while also separating sidewalks, bike lanes and roads
  • To improve walking and biking trails

The plan is an ambitious one, but California leaders and advocates are optimistic about the project.


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