What Can Cyclists Learn From John Kerry’s Bicycle Accident?

A bicycle accident involving Secretary of State John Kerry may have just set back talks over Iran’s nuclear program. Secretary of State John Kerry was cycling in Geneva when he crashed and fractured his right femur. After the accident, John Kerry was quickly escorted by helicopter to a nearby hospital. John Kerry was in Geneva to meet with Iranian officials over an upcoming deadline on Iran’s nuclear program, making his bicycle accident an extremely serious one.

Instead of flying back to the U.S. as scheduled, John Kerry was kept in Geneva overnight before returning home in a cargo plane. On the cargo plane was a team of medical professionals and other staff to help maintain John Kerry’s health during the trip back to the U.S. Once home, John Kerry was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital to set a broken femur.

According to witnesses, John Kerry’s accident happened after he struck a curb. So how can other cyclists avoid ending up in the same situation as our Secretary of State? In some cases, it may not be up to cyclists.

Can Cyclists Avoid Bicycle Accidents Like John Kerry’s?

Not all roads are safe for cycling, and poor infrastructure can lead to bicycle accidents. Potholes, railroad tracks, curbs and sewer grates are all potential hazards for cyclists. No matter where cyclists are in the world, poorly maintained roads or bad infrastructure can lead to bicycle accidents.

In the United States, potholes have led to lawsuits against cities. Early last year in 2014, the city of Oakland was ordered to pay an injured cyclist $3.25 million after she suffered severe injuries to her face, head and jaw. When cities build and maintain infrastructure for cycling such as bike lanes, bicycle accidents are much less likely to happen.

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