When Can San Diegans Expect The Bike Share Program To Take Off?

The San Diego bicycling community was looking forward to the upcoming installation of the bike share program. Originally, the program was slated to begin sometime between January and March. However, due to community outreach difficulties, launch of the program has been pushed out another two months. Program organizers assumed that the bike sharing stations would be located on city property where they have approval to install them. The reality is that many of the proposed stations are located in non-municipal areas, requiring organizers to get installation approval from the land owners.


Obtaining permission from local businesses and organizations “took a little longer than [organizers] expected it to take,” said the marketing manager for San Diego’s corporate partnerships. “But we did all of that, and we’re in very good shape.” The bike sharing program has been in the works since July of 2013 when the city partnered up with DecoBike, a private bike share company, for a 10-year contract. The city will receive a percentage of DecoBike’s profits over the 10-year period to cover construction costs.

Though a few community groups have been concerned about upsetting traffic to install bicycle lanes in their neighborhoods, the “majority of people were very supportive and positive about the program,” said the San Diego marketing manager. The program will promote alternative transportation and will help relieve congestion in traffic prone areas. Those curious about the program should attend the opening of the demo bike share station at the Civic Center Plaza in late February to see how the system works.

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[Did You Know: According to the City Council, San Diego aims to receive $2.6 million in the first 10 years of the bike share program.]

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