Will Smartphones Make Cycling Safer and More Appealing?

Bicycle riding will be getting another technological update that can help the popular hobby become even safer. Software developers have created a smart-phone powered cockpit for bikes called “Cobi” – short for “connected bike”.

Cobi uses a “hub” to connect to a cyclist’s smartphone, connected to the handlebars of the rider’s bike where it then handles a variety of tasks to help cyclists. The hub can charge a cyclists smartphone with a large built-in battery.

Developers wanted to include a number of features that would enhance what the hobby of cycling is all about, so Cobi can run a number of apps via the smartphone. One feature includes a triggered light and sound alarm for anti-theft purposes.

Cyclists can also use a scouting app that uses GPS to search for and set destinations, not unlike the GPS systems used by cars. In addition to anti-theft and directional applications, Cobi can access fitness functions, use a digital speedometer and utilize music or audio controls.

Cobi can also use add-on parts, such as an automatic rear brake light that will adjust its illumination settings according to the ambient light level in the background. Automatic lighting functions also warn drivers and other cyclists when your bicycle is slowing down – almost in the same way cars warn other motorists they are hitting the brakes.

Will Adding Smartphones to Cycles Make Cyclists Distracted?

Fortunately, many of the applications and add-ons to this new smart-bike can be set before riders venture off to their destination, reducing the odds that they will put themselves at risk for a bicycle accident due to being distracted. Cobi launched a Kickstarter campaign that has already raised $173,000 more than its initial $100,000 goal, so people are obviously excited to see what comes next.

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Did You Know? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 24 percent of bicycle trips are made by women and 76 percent are made by men.