Arrest Made In Fatal Bicycle Accident

The investigation of a fatal bicycle accident on June 15 has turned up an interesting lead. According to the Bay City News Service, and Alameda County deputy probation officer was arrested on misdemeanor vehicular homicide charges on August 19. The suspect was identified as 32-year-old Eunique Wesley, and she is scheduled to appear in court on September 23.

Wesley was driving east on Fairmont Drive near San Leandro when she veered into the cyclist—56-year-old Timothy Bucher—who hit his head on the windshield of Wesley’s Honda Civic. Bucher suffered massive head trauma even though he was wearing a helmet, according to police records.  He was taken to Eden Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Wesley was driving at approximately 35 mph.

Dave Campbell is the program director for the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. He claims that his group is working with the county to get bike lanes installed where the accident happened.

“It’s a wide and hilly road and there’s plenty of room for bike lanes,” said Campbell. “There’s not a space issue.”

This is another tragic story about what was possibly a preventable accident. Putting proper bike lanes on roads may not always seem like the most pressing issue, particularly in tough economic times, but the payoff can be priceless.

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