The Best Breeds for Riding a Bike with a Dog

iStock_000019953923_LargeNot everyone shares our passion for cycling. As much as you and I might love it, another person may loathe riding a bike. The same can be said about dogs. You may think that all dogs love running, and are well-equipped to handle long treks out of the house, but you’d be wrong.

When they’re properly trained, riding a bike with a dog can be one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. They make the most enthusiastic and entertaining riding partners when they are having fun, so it’s totally understandable that you want to find a dog to go cycling with, but you have to find the right dog for your riding style.

Beach Going Dogs

If you like to take a long ride down the beach so you can take a dip mid-ride, then you’d be better off looking for water-lovers like yourself. Labradors and weimaraners are natural swimmers with webbed paws and everything. You should look into adopting a mixed breed from the local pound. There are always lab mixes looking for a good home.

Mountain Biking Dogs

If you are going off-road, you definitely want to get a larger dog. Smaller riding buddies will have too hard of a time trying to keep up and keep going for long distances over uneven terrain. Some safe bets include the golden retriever, Labrador, German shorthair pointer, Rhodesian ridgebacks, and other long-legged breeds. Again, consider adopting a mutt at the shelter, just be sure to look for long legs.

Café Racers

If you need a buddy for quick trips to the café or another hang-out spot, you need to find a sociable riding partner. Retrievers can keep up during a brisk ride and then be the light of a party right after. For the very best, look for breeds that are athletic, but can also be totally chill once you’ve arrived at your destination; greyhounds, for example. But hey, you know who else likes a good romp through town? Rescue dogs.

Emotional Support Pups

Sometimes, we don’t actually need a dog to run alongside us physically, but instead just need a cuddle buddy on recovery days, or when you get home from a long day of training and just want to curl up on the couch and cry. Either way, there are some breeds that are perfect, such as the King Charles spaniels, corgi, or maltese. If you need something a little more “bear huggable” then I suggest the Bernese mountain dog, or that one big dog that’s probably pacing around the shelter waiting for someone to take him home for cuddles.

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