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Time to Stretch Those Legs! 5 Warm-up Stretches to Get You Going

Here’s a cycling tip: never skip the warm-up stretch! Everyone’s guilty of skipping at one point or another, but stretching before a ride has several benefits. It gets you pumped up and prepares your body as well as your mind for the ride ahead. Here are a few stretches we like to do before we set off into San Diego. Stretching for Success The butterfly stretch. While sitting upright, pull both feet toward your body and push your knees gently toward the ground with your hands. This helps increase the range of motion of your hips and knees. The leg swing. Stand next to your bike on one side, holding the seat to keep it and yourself stable. Then, swing the outside leg forward and backward, keeping your leg straight. Do this ten times, and then turn to face your bike. Using the same leg, swing side by side to…
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5 Habits for Preventing Someone from Stealing Your Bike

It can take having your bike stolen to personally learn the importance of locking it properly each time you leave it. Sometimes, locking it isn’t enough, on its own. If you’re reading this, hopefully you haven’t experienced the misfortune of a stolen bicycle. Regardless, these tips will minimize the likelihood of someone stealing your bike in the future. How to Prevent Someone from Stealing Your Bike Use a U-lock – Cable locks might allow you to lock your bike to a wider array of objects. However, they are also much easier to cut through than U-locks are. It’s best to secure the U-lock to a wheel that doesn’t detach rather than the top tube, as experienced thieves could use your bike’s frame to pry it loose. Ensure what you lock to is secure – That signpost is easier to lift a bike over than you think. That’s especially true if…
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4 Practices to Quit Doing Before Your Bike Workout

A daily workout practice is an importance part of any healthy lifestyle. In implementing this lifestyle correctly, it’s important that we prepare for it correctly. Replacing the wrong pre-workout practices with the right ones can help you get the most out of every bike ride. Here are some of the most common practices to quit doing before your bike workout. Practices to Quit Doing Before Your Bike Workout Eating vegetables and fatty meat – A diet of mostly meats and vegetables is a great decision. Your pre-workout meal, however, should be an exception to this. Before your bike workout, you want to get your energy from calories that your body will digest quickly and easily. This means food with lots of refined carbohydrates and as little fiber and fatty protein as possible. Try small meals like protein bars or whole-grain toast with peanut butter. Cleansing or Fasting – While you…
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