Bicycle Safety Question And Answer With San Diego Mayoral Candidates

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition has published the transcript from a Q & A session between the Livable Streets Coalition, a conglomeration of non-profit organizations dedicated to urban planning, transportation and public safety and the current San Diego mayoral candidates, David Alvarez, Kevin Faulconer and Nathan Fletcher (no longer running).

A representative of Livable Streets asked how downtown, which currently accommodates 30,000 residents, will accommodate the planned influx of 60,000 new residents while still remaining accessible, transportation-wise. Faulconer “want[s] to encourage walk-ability and smart growth,” such as “the Bayshore Bikeway.” As the city expands, pedestrian safety has grown into a large public concern. David Alvarez has a “goal of zero bike and pedestrian fatalities” that he has dubbed “Vision Zero.”  The candidate’s plans “to ensure that a variety of projects in the Bike Master Plan are completed, in a timely fashion, and that bike ridership increases” include, from Alvarez, “increasing expenditures on bike projects from $500,000 to $1 million and leveraging more grant funding for bike projects.” Faulconer, who is an avid cyclist, claims that “we need new dedicated bike lanes and plans that are actionable.”

A common thread throughout the discussion was coping with transportation concerns amidst a time of rapid development. Downtown residents are excited for new developments and expansion but are worried about the simple fact that there will never be enough parking spaces to accommodate the influx of new residents. Clearly, all signs point to expanded bicycle infrastructure. However, the first few years of implementation will be dangerous for cyclists as motorists adjust to the new bike lanes. Often motorists simply do not see bicyclists, even during the day, so a degree of public education will be necessary to ensure that this transition is as safe as possible.

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[Did You Know: 677 bicyclists were killed in road accidents in 2011 across the nation.]

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