Elementary Students In San Diego Receive Free Bicycles

Happy Holidays from attorney Joshua Bonnici and his legal team. We hope that you enjoy this wonderful time of year with friends and family. Remember to be extra cautious on the roads this holiday season as cyclists will face an increased risk of drunk drivers who may not be paying proper attention to the road.

According to NBC Local San Diego, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) will continue its annual tradition of promoting alternative transportation among San Diego youth by providing elementary school students with free bicycles. This holiday season, MTS chose the first-grade class of Encanto Elementary School. The San Diego Police Department and Fleet Weather Center’s Navy Crew are working hand in hand with MTS to add an educational element to the gift giving. Each of the first-grade students receiving a bicycle will also partake in a transportation safety course covering proper bus, rail and bicycle procedures.

“It’s a wonderful thing that we keep the Christmas spirit alive all year at MTS, raising money to do this and then coming here every year and doing this, seeing the look on those kids faces makes it all worthwhile,” said the MTS CEO.

School officials at Encanto Elementary were overjoyed at being chosen as the recipient of the MTS bicycle donation. The acting vice principal said the program “[w]as a big motivator. We want to encourage the students that they do well in school and also attend school every day.”

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The city of San Diego has made great strides recently to promote bicycle use as an alternative means of transportation. The City Council recently adopted the Bicycle Master Plan that will greatly expand bicycle infrastructure throughout the city. With more and more cyclists on the roads, there is a greater risk of bicycle accidents due to negligent drivers that are not used to sharing the road. If you have been injured on a bicycle by a negligent motorist, contact us. Attorney Joshua Bonnici is an experienced bicyclist and has an intimate understanding of the cyclist’s safety concerns. As such, we will go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the necessary compensation for your physical, emotional and financial hardships brought about by the accident. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, call our firm at (858) 261-5454.

[Did You Know: California had a record low of traffic fatalities in 2010.]

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