California Teacher Killed In Tragic Bicycle Accident

A Mt. Whitney high school teacher was killed in a tragic bicycle accident in Visalia, California last month.  41-year-old Scott Nelson was riding on Rocky Hill Drive, east of Exeter, when he collided with a jogger.  It was a freak accident on a road that is popular for both cyclists and joggers.  Officials say Nelson was riding at approximately 35 mph at the time of the collision and was thrown from his bicycle.  He died at the scene from a blunt force trauma injury.

When students returned to Mt. Whitney last month, many were still grieving the loss of the beloved teacher.  Nelson was a beloved teacher who will be missed by many.

This is a tragic incident that appears on the surface to be a rare case of bad luck, but as a cyclist you are much more vulnerable in any type of accident than other motorists.  You cannot take your focus of the roadway for even the slightest moment—much less while traveling at 35 mph.  Nelson’s loss will be hard for the community to take as it is, but the real tragedy is that it may have been prevented.

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