Can Collision Warning Systems Help Cyclists Avoid Accidents?

Cyclists biking in the cityIn our previous blog posts, we have discussed numerous ways that cyclists can avoid accidents and the injuries associated with them, but now we want to venture out into the world of tomorrow and talk about how technology will contribute to cycling safety in the near future.

Car companies are launching new versions of smart cars every year, some of which can drive themselves and avoid obstacles that include trains, pedestrians and cyclists. For those of us who cannot afford robotic vehicles yet, auto manufacturers are beginning to find cost efficient ways to include collision-warning systems capable of warning drivers that a cyclist is in close vicinity.

For example, one prominent luxury auto manufacturer has installed a warning system called Bike Sense, which will use lights, sounds and vibrations on the car seat to warn drivers of nearby obstacles. When a driver attempts to open a door in front of a cyclist, the door handle will buzz warning the driver to allow them to pass.

Can Smart Cars Put an End to Cycling Accidents?

Due to an increased demand for smart cars, vehicles continue to add sensors and software capable of avoiding catastrophes that would have otherwise resulted from human error. Car companies are adding laser-sensors that can detect pedestrians in front of their vehicles and cameras that can give a bird’s eye view for a driver looking to avoid accidents. New car models hitting the market this year will even be able to automatically brake if a cyclist is detected.

Cyclists can also take part in the surge of new technology that will help them avoid bicycle accidents by using smart phone apps that talk to vehicles in the surrounding area and tell them to keep their distance. The smart phone app from the cyclist will send an alert to the car and trigger a bicycle helmet to flash so the motorist can spot them. Blind spots and human error account for numerous cycling accident injuries and fatalities every year, and technology could become a major force in helping keep cyclists safe.

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Did You Know? A major auto manufacturer is attempting to find ways to collect data about cycling accidents so cars may be able to one day automatically avoid areas where cyclists repeatedly face danger.