Can a San Diego Bicycle Committee Make Our Streets Safer?

Always be cautious around angry driversSan Diego leaders have agreed to make the San Diego Bicycle Advisory Committee permanent. The SDBAC is a team of nine community leaders who advise the city government on the creation of the Cycling Master Plan. The program started as a 5-year plan with the goal of making the city more cycling friendly.

By some measures, the program has worked. The city has collaborated with local citizens to create a bicycle network, so that riders of different skill levels throughout San Diego can safely and comfortably get around without a car. The plan was scheduled to conclude this year, but the city council has decided to continue the San Diego bicycle committee.

What Can a Bicycle Committee Do to Improve Safety?

As we discussed in our blog last week, the right city planning can have a massive impact on bicycle safety. Factors like protected bike lanes tend to increase the number of riders while also decreasing the number of accidents.

We have made progress in this city, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. The fact that the City Council is keeping the committee might be a sign of future investment in cycling projects. If you visit the city’s website, you can see a full list of the many new routes that they are building, and even suggest that the city add improvements in areas that are important to you.

As the community continues to invest in creating resources for cyclists, the sport will hopefully continue to build popularity, since more people will feel comfortable sharing the road with motorists. While continuing one advisory committee is by no means a silver bullet, let’s hope it’s a sign the city will focus more on keeping riders safe.

Joshua Bonnici is a San Diego bicycle accident lawyer and cycling enthusiasts who is passionate about improving bicycle safety and fighting on behalf of his fellow riders.


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