Cross Country Bicyclists Due to Make it Home to California Today

Photo of Tandem BikeToday marks the end of a long journey for Brad Walton, a CPA from Willits, and Steve Kesling, a retired Willits High School teacher. According to Willits News, the men are expected to arrive in San Francisco around 11am before continuing to their homes.

The two men started a cross country bicycle trip with a third man, Steve Chun, a longtime friend of Kesling’s from Vacaville, on June 7th in Virginia. Unfortunately, Chun suffered an injury early on. He was caught in a rut and fell over, breaking three ribs. Walton and Kesling continued on without him, but Chun is expected to finish the final leg with them today.

The men rode an average of 65 to 80 miles every day on a trail called the TransAmerica trail. This trail has been a popular cycling route since the late 70s and tends to attract a lot of foreign riders looking to take on part or all of it during a vacation here in the states.

This marks Kesling’s fourth trip pedaling across the country. Walton, who is the Rotary President in Willits, will complete his first cross country trek today. They rode in support of eradicating polio worldwide, a big goal of all Rotary clubs.

The riders have had few complications during their trip, the most consistent issue being the wind. The headwinds coming from the west were upwards of 45 mph at times, which slowed the cyclists down considerably. They also experienced some record high temperatures during the first leg of their trip; something that they had tried to avoid.

Strangers and followers alike rose to provide aid all along the way. Beds, food and drink, or a place to rest were provided by churches, fire departments, and other supporters. All along the trail, Rotary members met the cyclists and treated them to dinner, and even on occasion drove them to nearby historical markers before returning them to their place on the trail so they could continue on.

Walton will go home to Willits, Kesling to Lake County, and Chun to Vacaville after their arrival in San Francisco.

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