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Questions and Answers About Food While Riding

What are the best foods to eat while cycling to keep your energy up? How often should you eat while cycling? Here are some common questions and answers regarding diet and cycling and how to keep your energy up during a long ride. Q: How long can I cycle without needing to eat? A: If you have eaten prior to riding, you should not need to refuel if your ride is under an hour long. After an hour has passed, you will want to consume small amounts of high GI carbohydrates, which help keep your blood glucose up and your muscles fueled. Aim for between 30 and 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour. Sports drinks, carbohydrate energy gels, jellied sweets, bananas and low fiber cereal or carbohydrate bars are all excellent providers of these essential carbohydrates. Q: How can I eat without feeling too full to ride? A: You will…
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6 Tips for Keeping Your Energy on a Long Ride

Every competitive cyclist can probably relate to the feeling of effortlessly gliding through the first half of a long ride only to lose strength later, but there are tricks for keeping your energy up. Here is a look at how to avoiding fading out at the end. Tips for Keep Your Energy on a Long Ride Save your strength: On a certain level we all know this, but it can be a hard psychological battle when you see others pushing themselves from the beginning. Just remember that you have a limited amount of endurance in those quick-twitch muscles. A jolt of speed now will cost you one at the end of the race. Conserve the muscle strength you think you’ll need to power through the last stretch. Practice pacing: The standard advice is to try to keep yourself at about 70 percent of your max heart rate during a long ride….
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Cross Country Bicyclists Due to Make it Home to California Today

Today marks the end of a long journey for Brad Walton, a CPA from Willits, and Steve Kesling, a retired Willits High School teacher. According to Willits News, the men are expected to arrive in San Francisco around 11am before continuing to their homes. The two men started a cross country bicycle trip with a third man, Steve Chun, a longtime friend of Kesling’s from Vacaville, on June 7th in Virginia. Unfortunately, Chun suffered an injury early on. He was caught in a rut and fell over, breaking three ribs. Walton and Kesling continued on without him, but Chun is expected to finish the final leg with them today. The men rode an average of 65 to 80 miles every day on a trail called the TransAmerica trail. This trail has been a popular cycling route since the late 70s and tends to attract a lot of foreign riders looking…
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