Cyclist Paralyzed After Drunk Driver Crashes Into Group Ride

Several members of the San Diego Bicycle Club were seriously injured after a wrong-way driver collided with a group of cyclists on Fiesta Island.

On Tuesday, August 12, the club was finishing their weekly ride when a car traveling against traffic plowed into the group head-on. The impact injured at least 10 cyclists and left one rider paralyzed.

A 49-year-old father of two was riding close to the front of the group when he saw the car heading their way. He managed to push at least one cyclist out of the way but suffered critical injuries in the process.

The La Jolla father was the most seriously injured of all the cyclists, suffering two punctured lungs, the loss of one kidney, a lacerated spleen and six broken vertebras. Doctors at UCSD Hillcrest Hospital are focusing on healing the man’s lungs so he can undergo spinal surgery, but they believe the paralysis will be permanent.

The other cyclists suffered lacerations, bruised ribs and various other scrapes and bruises. Several of the injured riders planned to attend the reckless driver’s arraignment hearing.

The 49-year-old driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs when she caused the crash. She is being held on a $300,000 bond, and faces charges of driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance.

This woman’s incredibly careless behavior cost thousands of dollars in damage and permanently injured at least one cyclist. She is facing criminal charges, but that does nothing to help the injured man’s family address the incredibly high costs of long-term medical care.

How Could a Personal Injury Lawsuit Help Me?

The criminal charges this woman is facing carry a maximum sentence of less than four years in prison, despite her obvious misconduct. However, a personal injury lawsuit could give victims another way to hold her accountable, both legally and financially.

Civil attorney Joshua Bonnici is an avid San Diego cyclist, and his law firm is dedicated to protecting fellow bicycle riders. The safest cyclists can still be injured by reckless or intoxicated drivers, so call today to discuss your bicycle accident with an attorney who knows cycling.

[Did You Know: In 2012, 49,000 cyclists nationwide were injured in car accidents, and 726 cyclists were killed.]

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