Cyclists Could Cross San Diego Bay on Newly Designed Water Bikes

For years, cyclists have been unable to enjoy the spectacular views from the San Diego-Coronado Bridge due to a lack of bike lanes. The city temporarily closes one lane to accommodate cyclists during San Diego’s “Bike the Bay” event, but the bridge is closed to cyclists for the rest of the year.

The city is currently researching the possibility of a suspended cycling and pedestrian tube running alongside the bridge, but one man says there may be a simpler (and less expensive) solution.

Cyclists may soon be able to pedal across San Diego Bay on a specially designed water bike, thanks to one determined designer from Northern California. The invention could allow cyclists to cross the bay without the need for costly bridge construction.

The bike’s revolutionary design glides across the water on 11-foot pontoons, and the pedals propel the bike forward without an engine. It can travel up to 10 miles per hour, weighs about 45 pounds and collapses to fit in a car trunk.

The engineer is optimistic that the water bikes will be a welcome addition to San Diego’s busy port, which is already home to kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. A San Diego Harbor Police sergeant stated that the bikes would operate as a “vessel,” meaning riders would give way to big ships, wear life jackets and follow basic boating rules.

If the watercrafts gain popularity, cyclists could experience San Diego’s waterways in a whole new way. Unfortunately, it could also lead to accidents between boaters and cyclists, as both sides adjust to the new technology.

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[Did You Know: The first water bike was invented in 1951, using a paddlewheel operated by foot pedals and a chain and sprocket.]

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