Family Gathers to Mourn Bicyclist Killed by Drunk Driver

Recently, friends and loved ones gathered in Coronado to mourn the death of a cyclist who they remember as a caring, dedicated father and husband. David Voigt, 44, was riding home from his job at the Sweetwater Water Authority when a drunk driver struck and killed him.Photo of bicycle accident scene

Michael Reyes was driving a Nissan Maxima that had been reported stolen when he cut across oncoming traffic near J Street and Dennis Avenue. The Maxima jumped the curb, striking Voigt so hard that his bike split in two. Voigt was critically injured and transported to a local hospital, but died shortly afterwards.

Reyes, believed to be intoxicated at the time of the crash, survived but was seriously injured. The police arraigned him a few days later from his hospital bed, charging him with gross vehicular manslaughter, vehicle theft, driving with a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance.

Due to the fact that Reyes was on probation at the time of the crash and had been convicted for methamphetamine possession a few months before, he remains in San Diego Central Jail awaiting further court proceedings. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

Voigt’s family arranged the memorial, nicknamed “David’s Ride”, to bring closure to David’s friends and loved ones. The family also hopes to raise awareness for cycling safety in San Diego and connect with other families who have experienced similar losses.

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