Why Do You Keep Getting Back Pain from Cycling?

Active young bikers with safety gears cycling on urban roadMany cyclists, especially those who are over 40, experience regular back pain from cycling. Sometimes this problem can even grow so common that you start avoiding rides altogether. The truth is that back pain often has simple causes. Here’s a look at some common reasons why you might be hurting.

Common Causes of Back Pain from Cycling:

  • Your core needs work: Most cyclists have strong legs from regular rides, but many don’t have the core strength to match. Over time, the force of regular riding can put strain on your torso. This can cause you to ride in a way that causes back pain, especially at the end of your workouts, when you are most tired. If cycling is your only form of exercise, you are probably not building the core strength you need. Consider adding some basic core exercises to your workout routine.
  • You don’t stretch or warm up: Most of us know that we should stretch before any workout, but that doesn’t stop many cyclists from simply going for a ride. A quick stretch and warm up will help you reduce soreness and prevent injuries.
  • Your riding position is wrong: One of the most common causes of back pain is that the rider has his/her seat adjusted wrong. If you are constantly straining yourself to pedal in an awkward position that can do serious damage to your back. The same thing can happen if you are using improper riding form. It might help to work with a coach to perfect your form, and ensure that your bike is adjusted properly for your body.

Some soreness is a regular effect of any form of regular exercise, but if you are continually hurting, you might be doing something wrong. Making these adjustments can help prevent pain and keep you involved in the sport you love. Of course, if you have suffered a more serious injury, or your soreness persists, the best option is always to see a medical professional.

Joshua Bonnici is a San Diego bicycle accident attorney and cyclist with a passion for serving victims of cycling accidents and other forms of personal injury.


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